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The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship / News & Press Releases / News Archive / Startup Round Produces First Startup

The Jim Moran Institute Announces Launch of the First Startup as a result of the Tallahassee Startup Round

Tallahassee, FL. – Startup Round, sponsored by the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship, is proud to announce that the first official startup venture has been formed as a result of a conversation during one of our recent networking events. Startup Round was created in April of 2011 by co-founders John Chason of Metrix Ventures, Lester Hutt of BevShots and Adam Kaye of Silicon Tally. The primary objective of Startup Round is to bring local inventors, entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and students entrepreneurs together in a relaxed atmosphere and to provide a forum for informal networking that fosters collaboration and new venture creation.

“When we decided to create an event like this one in Tallahassee, we set a simple goal: To become a catalyst for entrepreneurial communication that leads to the creation of new ventures in our community,” said John Chason of Metrix Ventures and co-founder of Startup Round. “It seems as if our efforts have produced meaningful results exceeding our most ambitious expectations.”

Among the participants at the recent event was John Perkins, entrepreneur and former alumni of Oracle. He began a conversation with John Chason of Metrix Ventures that formed the basis of a new technology venture called GoScheduleMe. “I had been developing the software for about 6 months and decided it was time to add the business component to the technology component and start a new company,” said John Perkins, co-founder of GoScheduleMe. “I shared the concept with John Chason and he agreed that not only was it a feasible concept, but one that will solve a huge problem for both businesses and individuals alike.”

GoScheduleMe is an easy to use web based planning, scheduling, and project management software service available on the cloud. “The problem with most project management software is that it is either too complex and expensive or de-centralized and therefore only providing a partial solution. Not only will GoScheduleMe address these issues, it will do so while also allowing subscribers to make their workflow social. Subscribers can collaborate privately and securely with their team or engage others people or teams involved in similar projects via social media including Facebook, Linkedin, Google +, and Twitter. It’s social workflow made simple.”

GoScheduleMe is currently alpha testing their software and will soon hire technical and operational staff utilizing the talent present in the Tallahassee community.