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StooKoo Joins the Student Business Incubator in Florida State University's College of Business

The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship and the Florida State University College of Business are pleased to welcome StooKoo to the Student Business Incubator (SBI), a facility that provides professional office space and connects enterprising students with mentors to help solve the myriad problems every fledgling venture faces. StooKoo is the fourth student business to locate in the SBI since it opened its doors this past September.

StooKoo (, a web platform company, allows businesses to offer localized “deal-of-the-day” promotions to members in major markets across the United States. Co-founders Troy Sultan (Marketing), Daniel Ahlers (Marketing and Professional Sales) and John Henderson (Political Science) decided to launch StooKoo in 2010 to capitalize on the power of group purchasing and offer daily deals to those who need them most. StooKoo guarantees a minimum number of motivated customers at no-risk and allows businesses to directly connect to the college market through a unique set of web-enabled promotional tools. “By using the Web to give consumers buying power through the leverage of groups, StooKoo is a great way to find fun things to do without going broke. More importantly, StooKoo offers a win-win situation to consumers and businesses,” said Troy Sultan.

StooKoo features one deal each day in each college town. In order to attract students to view the latest “deal-of-the-day,” the company features unbeatable offers. StooKoo partners with businesses to create an exclusive deal to feature on their web platform and place directly in front of thousands of local college students eager to buy. If a pre-determined number of students sign-up for the offer, then the deal becomes available to all; if the minimum is not met, no one gets the deal that day. Given the appeal of the localized offers, users frequently pass the information along to others, which increases exposure for businesses participating in the program.

The SBI has private office space to support up to eight early-stage ventures and provides a common area for students to discuss their ideas in a relaxed environment, opportunities for peer mentoring interactions and for synergies between teams to develop. The goal is to create a relaxed learning environment where innovation and creativity can flourish and where classroom education is made relevant for student entrepreneurs who are developing new business ideas. Other student businesses currently operating in the SBI include Web Traffic Consultants LLC (, ( and Notelog LLC (

For more information about StooKoo or the Student Business Incubator, contact Tim R. Holcomb at or (850) 644-7851. To learn more about the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship, please visit

About the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship

The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship in the College of Business at The Florida State University was established in 1995 through generous donations from automobile industry legend Jim Moran, his wife Jan, and JM Family Enterprises, Inc and supplemented with a major grant from the State of Florida to create a fully-funded endowment and with additional funding from The Jim Moran Foundation. Its mission is to cultivate, train and inspire entrepreneurial leaders in the community through world-class education, leading-edge research and applied training, intensive consulting assistance and mentorship to entrepreneurs and business owners, and public recognition. The dedicated staff of entrepreneurship professionals, academic scholars, and staff foster the entrepreneurship spirit by helping to organize, expand and promote the knowledge and practice of entrepreneurship in such a way as to facilitate new business and to further the goals of established businesses. Our faculty and staff provide students, faculty, aspiring entrepreneurs, and business owners the tools and expertise necessary to develop strategies that establish and sustain advantages for businesses in today’s competitive marketplace and to creatively pursue new opportunities and innovations involving the startup of new business ventures. Through degree and certificate programs in entrepreneurship, outreach programs that reach across Florida and throughout the world, and complementary activities such as half-day workshops and a speaker series, the Jim Moran Institute currently serves more than 1,000 undergraduates and about 200 businesses each year.

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