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The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship / Research / Other Faculty with Entrepreneurship Related Research

Other Faculty with Entrepreneurship Related Research

Selected Publications:

Knill, A. (2010) Do private equity fund-of-fund managers provide value? Oxford University Press.

Ang, James and Boyer, Carol (forthcoming). Distinguishing Quality within the IPO market. Advances in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management.

Kuhlmeier, David and Knight, Gary (2010). The Critical Role of Relationship Quality in Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprise Internationalization. Journal of Global Marketing. 23(1): 16-32.

Ang, James and Boyer, Carol (2009). Performance Differences between IPOs in New Industries and IPOs in Established Industries, Managerial Finance.

Ang, James and Boyer, Carol (2009). Has the 1987 Crash Changed the Psyche of the Stock Market? The evidence from IPOs. Review of Accounting and Finance, Volume 8 Number 2.

Humphrey, David and Carbo, S. (2009). Technological Innovation in Banking: The Shift to ATMs and Implicit Pricing of Network Convenience. Financial Innovation in Retail and Corporate Banking. 89-110.

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Ang, James S. (1991/1992). On the Theory of Finance for Privately Held Firms. Journal of Small Business Finance. Vol 1, No. 3, 185-203.

Ang, James S. (1991). Small Business Uniqueness and the Theory of Financial Management

Journal of Small Business Finance, Volume 1 (1991), 1-13. Reprinted in, David Story, ed., Small Business: Critical Perspectives, Routledge, 1998.

Selected Books:

Knight, Gary and Cavusgil, S. Tamel (2009). Born Global Firms: A New International Enterprise. New York: Business Expert Press.

Ang, James S. (1994) Small Business Finance Manual. Florida Economic Development Center

Humphrey, David and Berger, A. (1986). The Role of Interstate Banking in the Diffusion of Electronic Payments Technology. Technological Innovation, Regulation, and the Monetary Economy. Colin Lawrence and Robert Shay (Editors), Ballinger Publishing, Cambridge, MA, 13-52.

Selected Book Chapters:

Rialp, Alex; Rialp, Josep and Knight, Gary (2010). La Vocacion de los Nuevos Modelos de PYMES: El Caso de las Empresas Born-Globals. (Commerce in New Models of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: The Case of Born Global Firms). Economia Industrial: La Competitividad de las PYMEs en la Era de la Globalizacion. Ed. S. Ortiz. Madrid, Spain: Centro de Publicaciones del Ministerio de Industria, Turismo, y Comercio.

Knill, A. Venture capitalist control: Stimulating or stunting? Venture Capital: Investment Strategies, Structures, and Policies, Chapter 20, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.