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The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship / Students


The Jim Moran Institute strives to be personally involved in the education and empowerment of students as future entrepreneurs. With a number of introductory courses in entrepreneurship as well as specialized courses in technology commercialization, strategy formulation and organizational design, and venture financing offered at Florida State University, students have unique opportunities for both classroom and experiential learning.





Our curriculum is comprised of a number of courses that fall under entrepreneurship and innovation. They can be described as traditional classroom-based courses, which focus on lectures and case study, or experiential courses, where faculty provide guidance as students do hands-on work to solve business problems. Current courses include:

Experiential Courses in the Major

  • Creating, Managing and Harvesting New Ventures (the Sophomore Experience) – a two-semester set of courses that enables small student teams to plan, launch, manage, and harvest a venture financed through The Jim Moran Institute.
  • Small Business and New Venture Analysis and Consultation – a course that enables students to work directly with existing businesses on critical projects.
  • Chempreneur® – the Technology Commercialization Program (a part of the Senior Experience) – a course that enables students to examine new technologies and create a commercialization plan in a team-setting.

Traditional Courses

  • Opportunity Recognition and Market Feasibility
  • Creating, Managing and Harvesting New Ventures
  • Corporate Venturing and Entrepreneurial Strategies
  • New Venture Finance and Funding Sources for Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Franchising
  • Commercializing New Technologies

New Course Launched Spring 2014: ENT 2802 Entrepreneurship and Contemporary Society. This course is open to all Florida State students with no prerequisites. In this course, students develop their ability to think entrepreneurially, learn to increase their ability to properly frame problems, and transfer course material to real-life, out-of-class settings along with several other objectives. If students are ready to gain insight from actual entrepreneurs, the problems they recognize, the solutions they derive, and the ventures they create, ENT 2802 will whet their appetite for entrepreneurship. Additionally, ENT 2802 qualifies as an elective course for both the major and minor in Entrepreneurship.

The Jim Moran Institute hosts several yearly events including a business model competition and Collegiate Entrepreneur's Organization speakers and meetings.