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The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship / Students / InNOLEvation® Center

Florida State University InNOLEvation® Center

Residents, Virtual Clients and Alumni

InNOLEvation® Center Round Table

Apply to the Florida State University InNOLEvation® Center

— Women and Minority Students are encouraged to apply! 

The InNOLEvation® Center, a resource offered by The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship is a free, student-focused supportive center that helps start-up student businesses develop their business model, establish their company, and evolve to the point where they can operate independently. The Center connects enterprising students with mentors from faculty and the business community, provides professional office space and facilitates business development to help solve the myriad of problems every fledgling venture faces. Our goal is to create a comfortable learning environment where classroom education of Florida State University’s student entrepreneurs translates into real-life experiences. This experiential component is crucial to make entrepreneurship a more integral part of Florida State University’s undergraduate student experience.


Rovetta Business Building

The InNOLEvation® Center is focused on creating a cohesive group of entrepreneurs with a desire for shared success. Residents are expected to work together to promote the success of each other’s ventures. Residents are expected to demonstrate leadership in actively engaging and supporting entrepreneurial activities across the campus. The Center offers several levels of involvement (level information coming soon!).


For more information, please visit:
The InNOLEvation® Center in the College of Business (RBB 117)

Wendy J. Plant, M.B.A.
Director, Student Engagement and Alumni Relations
The Jim Moran Institute
(850) 645-2711
or (850) 644-3372
Office Hours: 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Walk-ins Welcome


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Current Residents

College Cabs Logo

Center Resident
Accepted Fall 2012

CollegeCabs informational video by Olivine Productions

Owners: David Deveney 

On a campus where nightlife is the norm among a majority of students, there lies a huge demand for safe transportation. The majority of students must resort to the inefficient taxi cab industry and request cabs through a dispatch office. Our generation currently is going through a data boom where college students are constantly using their smart phones for just about any task possible. As smart phone technology advances we find ourselves in a time where convenience is the key to efficiency. When technology advances at an exponential rate, it is only a matter of time for other industries to follow. CollegeCabs plans to combine the high demand for taxicabs with the convenience of the smart phone to revolutionize the taxicab industry. Our mission is to capture the night life transportation experience by creating a phone application that will allow students to connect and request transport from the nearest possible taxi cab driver based on their location. Using GEO locations, we will maximize efficiency for both customer and driver. From requesting the cab to the final payment, CollegeCabs will provide efficiency and convenience to both customers and cab drivers.


Center Resident
Accepted Spring 2014

Owner: Nick O' Donnell


WAVELET combines the power of words with the uniqueness of a personalized gift by taking an audio message left by a customer and making the message’s waveform, or audio signature, into a three-dimensional bracelet. The end result is the ability of the customer to give their loved one a vocal message that can literally be worn on their wrist. Accompanying each and every bracelet is a plastic, I.D. sized display card showing the written message, the waveform, and a serial number. Each and every display card has the ability to be scanned by any QR code reader in order to directly pull up a link on the WAVELET website. On the web page, the serial number can be entered in order to pull up the original sound file, and audibly hear their loved one’s message in addition to having the bracelet.


Center Resident
Accepted Spring 2014

Owner: James Stage II

The Opus Project seeks to help improve students' test scores by providing short informative videos that break down complicated research and writing skills and help the students apply these skills in all of their classes. The students are provided prompts of various difficulty levels and they are required to write essays using analytical and advocacy skills. We also provide students with our own database of information from vetted sources, all of which is packaged in a manner that allows teachers to easily incorporate the tool into their current curriculum. Students' test scores will improve because they will become better informed about domestic and international issues regarding, among others, social, financial and political issues. They will also be better able to evaluate and analyze these issues and communicate their thoughts on a more sophisticated level


Center Resident
Accepted Spring 2014

Owners: Kyle Solomakha and Daniel Machini

We know the recipe to cleaning college-sized messes on a college-sized budget. From restoring a house after a pre-game to tidying up the bedroom, we do it all with speed... and a price no one can match. Each "DustBuster" is a student that has been thoroughly trained, and is both fully licensed and insured. There's no mess - big or small - that we can't handle!

MBK Transportation

Center Resident
Accepted Fall 2014

Owner: Daniel Bostick 

MBK Transportation is a party and charter bus company located in Tallahassee. Our goal is to provide safe and fun transportation. Our buses are able to seat 25-50 passengers and can accommodate more with standing space. All buses are equipped with sound systems including auxiliary cord inputs. Whether you’re looking for a party bus to a local event or a luxury coach to take around the nation we've got you covered.

Sky Caddy

Center Resident
Accepted Fall 2014

Owner: Gordon Folkes

Coming Soon!

Party Hopper

Center Resident
Accepted Fall 2014

Owner: Tyler Blocksberg, Adrian Diez 

Party Hopper Tallahassee: Making sure students get around safely by connecting them to a paid Designated driver for the night!
For one flat rate, any student will have a guaranteed and safe way of getting to and from the bars and clubs in Tallahassee.

Lion Mop

Center Resident
Accepted Fall 2014

Owner: Sara Gomez 

Your old cotton mop now has competition: The Lion Mop.  The Fenix Trading Company has taken an outdated product and enhanced it by adding a competitive, durable, and colorful twist. The Lion Mop is made with Chamois, a material that holds 10x its weight in water, making it incredibly absorbent. The Lion Mop is also light, affordable, and comes in 7 different attention-grabbing colors. No lint is ever left behind and the replaceable mop head is even washable. With a Lion Mop, any mess can be tamed

Legion of Breadwinners Universal

Legion of Breadwinners Universal

Center Resident
Accepted Fall 2014

Owner: Corion DeLaine

LOB Universal is a mass media collective focusing on promotion of small business, local community ventures, and provide open access film and media projects.