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The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship / Students / InNOLEvation® Center

Florida State University InNOLEvation® Center

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Rovetta Business Building
The InNOLEvation® Center is a free resource offered by The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship to develop and support Florida State students interested in starting or growing a business. Services include assisting new student business owners to develop a working business model, establish their company and develop to the point of independent operations.

Enterprising students are given access to professional office space, connected with mentors from faculty and the business community and provided guidance in solving the problems every newly launched venture faces. The goal is to create a comfortable learning environment where the classroom education of Florida State’s student entrepreneurs translates into real-life experiences. This experiential component is crucial to making entrepreneurship a more integral part of Florida State’s student experience.

With a focus on creating a cohesive group of entrepreneurs with a desire for shared success, InNOLEvation® Center residents are expected to work together to promote the success of each other’s ventures and to demonstrate leadership by actively engaging and supporting entrepreneurial activities across campus.

The InNOLEvation® Center also hosts a round table, bringing in knowledgeable speakers to address the questions and concerns of student business owners in a casual and inviting atmosphere.

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APPLY to the InNOLEvation® Center
— Women and minority students are encouraged to apply!


For more information, please contact:
Wendy J. Plant, MBA 
Director, Student Engagement and Alumni Relations
The InNOLEvation® Center
Room #117, Rovetta Business Building
Phone: (850) 645-2711
Hours: 10 a.m.-12 p.m. and 2-4 p.m. Monday-Friday
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Current Residents


Bohindie Stream

Since Spring 2015

Owner: Briana Ali

Bohindie Stream is a jewelry and vintage clothing line born out of magic and rebellion. Bohindie Stream’s collection is inspired and influenced by the sky, nature, life, the universe, music, and the unexplainable. Most, if not all, of Bohindie Stream’s pieces revolve around crystals. Along with the crystals' breathtaking raw beauty, they each carry along with them their metaphysical properties and own unique meanings.


Since Spring 2014

Owners: Kyle Solomakha and Daniel Machini

DustBusters: We know the recipe to cleaning college-sized messes on a college-sized budget. From restoring a house after a pregame to tidying up the bedroom, we do it all with speed...and a price no one can match. Each "DustBuster" is a student who has been thoroughly trained and is both fully licensed and insured. There's no mess - big or small - that we can't handle!

Dynamic Photography Solutions Logo

Since Spring 2015

Owner: Christopher Wagner

For realtors and home sellers in north and central Florida, Dynamic Photography Solutions combines the following innovative techniques: professionally-edited high definition photography, close proximity aerial photography and video, first person video tour of the home, and tailored media solutions with any package.


Since Spring 2015

Owner: Kurt Scanameo and Peter Shaw

Protein shakes are messy, inconvenient and do not taste good. Evonutrition has solved this problem by making a high protein ice cream with the same nutritional qualities as a protein shake, but much more convenient and better tasting. Coming soon to a gym or health club near you.

Gamester PC

Since Spring 2015

Owners: Tyler Wille and David Hammer

Gamester PC is for people who have an interest in the computer gaming industry. Our personalized service during the customization process makes buying a tailored computer a rewarding experience. We want to remove the stress and distrust from buying a gaming computer, through the quality of our service and quality of our product.

Legion of Breadwinners Universal

Since Fall 2014

Owner: Corion DeLaine

Legion of Breadwinners Universal is a mass media/entertainment collective focusing on promotion of local small business and community ventures, and providing open access film and media projects.

Lion Mop

Since Fall 2014

Owner: Sara Gomez

Your old cotton mop now has competition: Lion Mop. The Fenix Trading Company has taken an outdated product and enhanced it by adding a competitive, durable, and colorful twist. The Lion Mop is made with Chamois, an incredibly absorbent material that holds 10x its weight in water. The Lion Mop is also light, affordable, and comes in seven different attention-grabbing colors. No lint is ever left behind, and the replaceable mop head is even washable. With a Lion Mop, any mess can be tamed.

Party Hopper

Since Fall 2014

Owner: Tyler Blocksberg, Adrian Diez

Party Hopper Tallahassee: Making sure students get around safely by connecting them to a paid designated driver for the night! For one flat rate, any student will have a guaranteed and safe way of getting to and from the bars and clubs in Tallahassee.


Since Spring 2014

Owner: James Stage II

The Opus Project developed Queralyze, which, in accordance with standards set by the Common Core, seeks to improve students' test scores by providing short videos that break down complicated research and writing, while teaching how to apply these skills in class. Students are prompted at various levels of difficulty to write essays using analytical and advocacy skills. Queralyze's database, populated with articles from vetted sources, is packaged in a manner that allows teachers to incorporate the tool easily into their curriculum.

Sky Caddy

Since Fall 2014

Owner: Gordon Folkes

Sky Caddy is a unique refreshment delivery system, as well as a standby emergency first responder AED and first aid delivery system, for golf courses of all sizes and locations in the U.S. Utilizing innovative Quadcopter hardware and flightpath software and programming, Sky Caddy will be able to deliver AED services and refreshments directly, quickly, and efficiently to any designated tee box on a golf course.

Smoke Chillerz

Since Spring 2015

Owner: Brandon Dorney

Smoke irritates the throats of smokers. The Smoke Chillerz device cools down smoke passing through it, leading to decreased irritation.

Solarize Styling

Since Spring 2015

Owner: Jadesola Arowolo

Solarize Styling is a clothing rental company that aims to bring the experience of renting clothes local. Through partnerships with local boutiques, Solarize will provide the opportunity to rent clothing with ease and at an affordable price.

Tow Alert

Since Spring 2015

Owner: Deneuve Brutus

TowAlert: You parked in the wrong place and your vehicle is gone. To find it, you call the police and every towing service in Tallahassee. Our product allows you to know which tow company has your vehicle, where it is, when and why it was towed, and the amount of the towing fee. This also solves the need for tow companies to have open space, as there is an initial charge for towing.




College Cabs Logo

Resident 2012-2015

Owner: David Deveney

CollegeCabs combines the high demand on campus for taxicabs with the convenience of a smart phone application. Based on their location, students connect to and request transport from the nearest possible taxicab driver. From requesting the cab to making the final payment, CollegeCabs delivers efficiency and convenience to both riders and drivers.

MBK Transportation

Resident 2014-2015

Owner: Daniel Bostick

MBK Transportation is a party and charter bus company located in Tallahassee. Our goal is to provide safe and fun transportation. Our buses are able to seat 25-50 passengers and are equipped with sound systems that include auxiliary cord inputs. Whether you’re looking for a party bus to a local event, or a luxury coach to take around the nation, we've got you covered.


Resident 2015

Owners: Matthew Miller, Chris Holzworth, Nahush Kulkarni, Kyle Tringas

Saura is the merchandiser of its own brand of solar powered accessories, including a smart phone charger.


Resident 2014-2015

Owner: Nick O' Donnell

WAVELET combines the power of words with the uniqueness of a personalized gift by taking an individual's spoken words and transforming the waveform, or audio signature, into a three-dimensional bracelet. Accompanying each bracelet is a plastic card displaying the written message, the waveform, and a serial number, and it can be scanned to pull up the WAVELET website where the original sound file can be played. This makes it possible to hear a loved one’s message in addition to wearing their personalized bracelet.

Down to Trade Logo


Owner: Evan Ernst™ is an online marketplace for college students with .edu emails. Buy and sell your textbooks, notes, tickets, furniture, and any thrift items as well as connect with students for subleases and tutoring.

FinAddix Logo

Resident 2013

FinAddix utilizes a sales force of Charter Captains around the world to snap a photo, choose the desired size, and enter the shipping and billing information. In less than two weeks, a professionally printed custom wall print arrives on their doorstep. FinAddix products are perfect for displaying in the Man Cave, Office, or Family Room.

RoomScapeU logo

Resident 2014

Owner: Josh Hagler

RoomScapeU is a unique, one-stop shop that delivers collegiate lifestyle products to university students across the U.S.

IAMImage Logo


Owner: Karolyne Roberts

IAMImage provides photography services for a variety of occasions including weddings and personal photo shoots. The company also provides website design and other graphical designs services at a range of price-points. With a strong base in the Christian faith, Karolyne also aims to use her photography and poetry to spread the word of God.

University Shoe Repair, LLC.


Owner: Daniel Dispenziere 

University Shoe Repair caters to university students and faculty. Our goal is to bring a more economical choice to the market when deciding what to do with that old pair of dirty and torn shoes or boots. Bring them to us and let us bring them back to life.

Profi Facility Maintenance Logo


Owners: Khashayar Fallahzadeh, Patrick Cueva, Michael Loudis

Profi Facility Maintenance is a premier provider of facility maintenance services in Tallahassee and South Florida. Core services are: commercial janitorial, grounds keeping, day and night porters, and trash concierge.

NPGroup, Inc.


Owners: Tarik Dickens, David Olawale

NPGroup, Inc. is in the business of providing advanced, non-destructive, and online structural monitoring systems and services for its clientele in the highway and air transport industries. Safety is a major concern for travelers and engineers, and has resulted in multi-billion dollar investments into building safer and stronger structures. Improving the safety of everyday travelers is our number one priority. We develop effective, sustainable, economical, and reliable systems that detect dangers before they become disasters.



Owners: Gregor Richardson, Matt Terndrup

LESS provides transparent access to energy consumption information. It's your data and we believe you should have it.
Data is gathered through a partnership with your local utility company. Using proprietary software, we extract data from electric smart grids, then process and distribute the personalized information for each household in daily or weekly text messages and/or emails. Our product complements the monthly utility bill by providing real-time access to data.

Townahallic Logo


Owners: Dominick Ard'is, Daniel Ackerman

TownAhallic is committed to making your large city feel like an inclusive and interconnected town. Our mobile application allows city officials and businesses to easily post information on events, landmarks and similar information, making it easy for the populace to incorporate this information into their evening plans, learn about their community, or just try something new. Our goal to be established as every person's one stop for local information.

Lipid Nanotechnologies


Owners: Sohail Merchant, Aubrey Kusi-Appiah, Nicholas Vafai, Shelby Straight, Thomas Arnold 
Lipid Nanotechnologies developed a revolutionary and novel method to increase the efficiencies of drug discovery by further miniaturizing the process of high-throughput screening through their patented Liposome Microarray Technology. High-throughput screening involves the miniaturization and automation of bioassays so that millions of variable drug compounds can be tested in a short amount of time, which is one of the most critical steps in the discovery of new medicines and chemical entities.

Moolaguides Logo


Owner: Thomas Brady offers students a platform to get better grades and make more money. There are two user groups on the site: buyers and sellers. The sellers are dedicated, high-achieving students who want to earn extra cash - they take detailed class notes, then generate effective study and review materials to sell. Buyers may be struggling in a particular course, or missed a day of class, or just want additional notes to complement their own. Buyers purchase reasonably priced notes and guides. Moolaguides stands to be profitable, educational, and very simple to utilize for all involved. Moolaguides was as a finalist in the 2013 Cupid's Cup Business Competition.



Owners: Michael Fingado, Cedric Nabe, Andrew LaHaye

Notelog is a premier online platform used for sharing and managing academic knowledge on college campuses worldwide. With the introduction of, the company is changing the way students take, view and share class notes, while also innovating the way knowledge is distributed. Notelog is leading a movement toward more eco-friendly campuses by providing an alternative to traditional pen and paper note-taking. Its free, online note-taking application allows students to type class notes and instantly store them to their Notelog profile for easy access anywhere.


Owners: Troy Sultan, Daniel Ahlers, John Henderson is a web platform that allows businesses to offer a "deal of the day" to members in each college town. In order to attract students, we try to feature only irresistible deals. StooKoo partners with each business to create an exclusive deal which we will feature on our web platform and place directly in front of thousands of local college students eager to buy. If a certain number of people sign up for the offer, then the deal becomes available to all; otherwise, no one gets the deal that day.


Owners: Bryan Dillard, Jonathan Hayes, Tyler Renfro

AnySauce works with producers to promote and market their brand of unique sauces and seasonings online by creating professional merchandising content that promotes them. AnySauce offers a convenient customer experience as well, providing access to a wide range of product options including customer reviews, references from previous searches, and product recommendations that inform the shopper.

The Launchpad Group logo


Owners: Brandon Koslow, Carlos Solares, Jonathan Hayes

The Launchpad Group helps level the playing field between small businesses and national brands. In today's market, the company with the most interesting and relevant content wins the most market share and sales. The Launchpad Group helps the small business owner dominate their marketplace by getting on the first page of search engines, and getting the most clicks. We do this through social media promotion, creating buzz, blogs, website optimization, SEO, and online paid advertising.

OnSpot Entertainment logo

Resident 2012

Owner: Alex Richards

OnSpot Entertainment LLC offers over 500 movies and games for rent right on campus, with new releases added every week. We carry video games for XBox360, PS3, Wii and more.
OnSpot is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—including holidays. Our focus is on providing friendly and compassionate customer service. Looking for something in particular? The OnSpot kiosk is conveniently located at 75 N Woodward Ave-on the southern, outside wall of the Oglesby Union. Rent Movies and Games On the Spot.

Wordio Logo


Owners: Troy Sultan, Nicholas Caballero, Diego Corzo, Matt David, Dietrich George, Aldo De La Paz, Nikunj Mehta, Nicholas Stoeckle, Pascal Wagner

Listen to the Web. Wordio transforms written content on the web into audio instantly, allowing you to listen to your favorite web articles while driving, exercising, or simply relaxing. Wordio’s mission is to help people learn and consume more of the world's information. Using text-to-speech technology and advanced aggregation and curation techniques, we are creating an audio layer over the entire Internet, enabling people to become more knowledgeable by consuming more content. Winners of the fall 2011 Startup Weekend Tallahassee.