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The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship / Students / Sophomore Student Businesses

Sophomore Student Businesses

The sophomore student businesses are organized under the Young Entrepreneurship Society, which is sponsored by The Jim Moran Institute.


Current Business Organizations

2011 - 2012 Student Businesses

Seminole Source

Seminole Source  (still active as True Nole)

Fred Adenuga, Mitch Goff and Logan Harris

We at Seminole Source are dedicated to providing FSU with student run, student relevant information for both the campus and surrounding area. Beginning as an Entrepreneurship program class project funded by The Jim Moran Institute of the FSU College of Business, Seminole Source was envisioned as a resource to provide students with an engaging presentation of all student-relevant on and off campus information. We are currently still in the beginning phases of our project, and are making great strides toward the realization of our vision.

Stay Sharp

Stay Sharp

Aryn Arfman, Jarrett Wasden and Chris Zurawski

Stay Sharp Cleaning service is dedicated to the dry-cleaning needs of FSU's ROTC. Created and founded by students of Florida State University in the Entrepreneurship Major within the College of Business, Stay Sharp Cleaning Service offers full service dry cleaning and washing with pickup and delivery of FSU ROTC Air Force Dress Blues. Aryn, Jarrett, and Chris are committed to offering top-notch quality and service with quick turn around times.

Thinking of You logo

Thinking of You

Valerie Bullock

Thinking of You Gift Baskets and Arrangements helps parents show their love and support to their students while away at school in the form of a gift basket! Some of our most popular parent-to-student gift baskets include the exam basket, the get well soon flu season basket, and the birthday basket. Additionally, we provide fund raising opportunities to Registered Student Organizations on the Florida State University Campus and other philanthropic organizations off campus as well as custom baskets and other gift arrangements for businesses and individuals.

Student Living Connect

Student Living Connect

We are establishing a network database that will connect local students with possible subleasees and subleasers. From personal experience, the process of trying to find a sublease whether it'd be for the summer or for students graduating in December and needing people to take over their leasing contract, can be extremely stressful. Our idea is to simplify the entire process. We’re creating this entire centralized network where subleasers will create a posting, and our purpose would be to do all of the advertising and marketing for them so that they never have to lift a finger after that. The main problem is that people are usually studying and preparing for final exams and final papers while trying to go around campus advertising their apartment. So OUR job would be to have these people continue studying while we take on ALL the responsibilities of marketing their apartment not only around campus, but also in our website which will attract subleasees from all areas. We would accept a standard fee payment method, ONLY if we are successful at matching two people up, and essentially saving one person thousands of dollars and providing another person a stable form of living for however many months they sign for. So, you sit back and relax, and simply “Let US do the Matching.”

College Cabs Logo

College Cabs

David Deveney, Zachary Katz and Travis Damsker

On a campus where nightlife is the norm among a majority of students, there lies a huge demand for safe transportation. The majority of students must resort to the inefficient taxi cab industry and request cabs through a dispatch office. Our generation currently is going through a data boom where college students are constantly using their smart phones for just about any task possible. As smart phone technology advances we find ourselves in a time where convenience is the key to efficiency. When technology advances at an exponential rate, it is only a matter of time for other industries to follow. CollegeCabs plans to combine the high demand for taxicabs with the convenience of the smart phone to revolutionize the taxicab industry. Our mission is to capture the night life transportation experience by creating a phone application that will allow students to connect and request transport from the nearest possible taxi cab driver based on their location. Using GEO locations, we will maximize efficiency for both customer and driver. From requesting the cab to the final payment, CollegeCabs will provide efficiency and convenience to both customers and cab drivers.

Check out the College Cabs informational video
-By Olivine Productions

The Koozie Kings

The Koozie Kings

Jesse Henry, Kyle Horne, Sam Honig, and Holden Harrell

The Koozie Kings was founded by Jesse Henry, Kyle Horne, Sam Honig, and Holden Harrell. The 4 of us started this company through Florida State University's Entrepreneurship Program. Our goal is to produce low cost, high quality custom koozies for anyone and everyone. We specialize in ordering for Campus Organizations, Clubs, Bars, Greek Life, Restaurants, or anyone that wants to make a koozie for promotional or marketing purposes.

Campus Connections

Campus Connections

Martin Hood and Clayton Faulk

Our mission is to foster entrepreneurial spirit within the community by providing feasible and effective solutions to new ventures seeking to establish themselves as a dominant force in a specific target market. Campus Connections serves as a marketing intermediary which allows new startups to focus on product development, while we handle pricing, promotion, and distribution. We consult individually with various companies to design and implement a marketing strategy tailored specifically to the needs of each individual company. After the marketing strategy has been formed, we then move products "downstream"  to the ultimate consumers through the handpicked members of our distribution team.

Crave Clothing

Crave Clothing Company

Crave Clothing Company's main goal is to provide a vibrant and varying supply of clothing and accessories so our customers can go to shows knowing they'll be noticed. Don't see any products your interested in? Just wait. Our company is working hard to get everything you may crave for your rave.

Donna Irene Photography

Donna Irene Photography

Donna Irene Muccio

Photographer, follower of Christ, adventurer, story teller. For pricing & inquiries email

Logo - Olivine Productions

Olivine Productions

Nick O'Donnell

Video: Florida State University Entrepreneurship Class of 2015

Olivine Productions is a media production group with the focus of Promotional Videos, Commercials, Documentaries, Music Videos, and Logo/Brand Design.

Logo - Park+Pedal

Park n' Pedal

Park n' Pedal is devoted to eliminating the stress that is involved with parking on campus, along with promoting healthy lifestyles for students. Park n' Pedal works by reserving individual parking spots for students right outside of campus, and then giving students a bike to use on and off campus for transportation.