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The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship / Students / Student Business Incubator

Florida State University Student Business Incubator

About the Student Business Incubator

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The Student Business Incubator at The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship is a student-centered, low-cost, and supportive business incubator that helps start-up student businesses develop launch plans, get established and evolve to the point where they can operate independently. The incubator connects enterprising students with mentors from faculty and the business community, provides professional office space and facilitates business development to help solve the myriad of problems every fledgling venture faces. Our goal is to create a relaxed learning environment where classroom education is made relevant for Florida State University’s student entrepreneurs who are developing new business ideas. This experiential component is crucial to make entrepreneurship a more integral part of Florida State University’s undergraduate student experience.

Rovetta Business Building

Room 117 on the first floor of the Rovetta Business Building serves as a focal point for undergraduate business start-up activity and provides student entrepreneurs with resources needed during start-up. With private office space to support as many as four early stage ventures and a common area for students to take time out to discuss their ideas in a relaxed environment, we have designed the incubator to nurture discussion and idea generation while providing students with opportunities for peer mentoring interactions. By facilitating hands-on learning and exploration in a supportive environment, the incubator helps students turn their passion into a reality, while benefiting the student educational experience and furthering Florida State University’s mission of applied learning.

Incubator residents are expected to work together to promote the success of each others' ventures. Residents are expected to demonstrate leadership in actively engaging and supporting entrepreneurial activities across the campus. Space is provided rent-free for up to one year (renewable annually). We provide admitted students with controlled access to the student incubator facility and to shared computing and communications resources. As part of the incubator, students are also able to access critical professional resources that student‐led ventures may require. Specifically, The Jim Moran Institute faculty and staff and experienced industry professionals from the local entrepreneurial business community serve as volunteers to advise the students on their efforts. These “Entrepreneurs-in-Residence” will coach the students on the analysis and execution of their venture, providing access to their network of industry and functional contacts. Examples include legal services for intellectual property or incorporation, financial accounting and bookkeeping, information technology, and other advice from professionals in industries of interest to businesses in the incubator.

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Application for the Florida State University Student Business Incubator

— Women and Minority Students are encouraged to apply!  


Alumni and Virtual Clients


Resident Clients 2012-2013

College Cabs Logo
Incubator Resident 2012-2014

Owners: David Deveney, Zachary Katz and Travis Damsker

On a campus where nightlife is the norm among a majority of students, there lies a huge demand for safe transportation. The majority of students must resort to the inefficient taxi cab industry and request cabs through a dispatch office. Our generation currently is going through a data boom where college students are constantly using their smart phones for just about any task possible. As smart phone technology advances we find ourselves in a time where convenience is the key to efficiency. When technology advances at an exponential rate, it is only a matter of time for other industries to follow. CollegeCabs plans to combine the high demand for taxicabs with the convenience of the smart phone to revolutionize the taxicab industry. Our mission is to capture the night life transportation experience by creating a phone application that will allow students to connect and request transport from the nearest possible taxi cab driver based on their location. Using GEO locations, we will maximize efficiency for both customer and driver. From requesting the cab to the final payment, CollegeCabs will provide efficiency and convenience to both customers and cab drivers

Check out the CollegeCabs informational video -By Olivine Productions

Down to Trade Logo

Incubator Resident 2013-2014

Owners: Evan Ernst, Ryan Kearney, Edmund Crowder, Corry Maguire and Will Gillette™ is an online marketplace for college students with .edu emails. Buy and sell your textbooks, notes, tickets, furniture, and any thrift items as well as connect with students for subleases and tutoring. Above it all, our purpose is to inspire students to be apart of something greater then themselves through our Pay it Forward program, where we will be donating all profit from our Notes tab to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life!

IAMImage Logo Incubator Resident 2013-2014

Owner: Karolyne Roberts

IAMImage provides a photography services for a variety of occasions including: Weddings, events, and personal photo shoots. The company also provides website design and other graphical designs services at a range of price-points. With a strong base in the christian faith, Karolyne also aims to use her photography and poetry to spread the word of God. 

University Shoe Repair, LLC.

Incubator Resident 2013-2014

Owner: Daniel Dispenziere 

University Shoe Repair

Virtual Clients 2012-2013

B2b2 Logo






Incubator Virtual Client 2013

Owner: Tony Conetta

Business to Business Solutions’ mission is to provide the underprivileged with the tools necessary to succeed in today’s digital economy. B2B is a community resource, providing assistance, training, and support to the underprivileged. We also aim to promote economic growth on local, regional, and national levels.

FinAddix Logo

Incubator Virtual Client 2013

Owner: Dylan Shaver

FinAddix utilizes a sales force of Charter Captains around the world, who are certified in their “Making Memories Reel” technology to help anglers memorialize their prized catch – utilizing the FinAddix mobile app. Captains snap the photo, choose the desired size, and enter the shipping and billing information. In less than two weeks, a professionally printed custom wall print arrives on their doorstep. FinAddix products are perfect for displaying in the Man Cave, Office, or Family Room.

Nutrition Experts Logo



Incubator Resident 2012-2013

Owners: Rachel Muhler and Jennifer Lemacks

Nutrition Experts' goal is to create increased access to registered dietitians and medical nutrition therapy services. We initially plan to launch in the Big Bend area of Florida. We offer flexible and up-to-date services using the Internet and mobile technology.

Applied Science and Technology Logo
Incubator Virtual Client 2013

Owner: Huan Yan

Applied Sciences and Technology (AppSciTech) was founded by Computer Science and Physics Majors here at FSU.

At AppSciTech we use math, information theory, and programming know-how to build robots which can interpret massive amounts of information and produce meaningful, actionable results on a wide variety of data.

Our flagship product: Project MIDAS is our first example of such a system, it is a robot that can be deployed in any market in the world. MIDAS uses a proprietary algorithmic suite to produce favorable results in financial markets using automation and publicly available data.

In the future we plan on adding additional analytic capability to include sentiment analysis of textual information and artificial intelligence.

Tally Sober Scooters Logo

Incubator Virtual Client 2013

Owner: Nicholas Tunno

Tallahassee is known for its extremely high DUI rates. This can ruin a person’s life! Tally Sober Scooters will provide students with a solution to getting themselves and their cars home at the end of the night without having to worry. For the price of a cab, you can have our service come and get you AND your car home!