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Nonprofit Executive Program


The Nonprofit Executive program is a world-class learning experience, accommodating the busy schedule of nonprofit organization executives. Through learning the Lean Organizations Model, graduates of the program emerge as stronger leaders, who are ready to capitalize on opportunities and turn challenges into strategic advantages.

Please select which location you are interested in:

Broward County     Jacksonville     Palm Beach County     Tallahassee     Tampa Bay


Who Is Right for the Program?

Applicants should be: Their nonprofit should:
  • Presidents
  • CEOs
  • Executive Directors
  • Have been operating for at least three years
  • Have five or more employees and/or volunteers

What You Will Receive

You Will Be Prepared to: Graduates will:
  • Navigate your organization through the challenges that lie ahead
  • Challenge yourself and seek out new ideas
  • Actively reflect and apply what you have learned
  • Create a powerful network of peers
  • Be managed as alum of the Jim Moran Institute
  • Be afforded the opportunity to form a managed roundtable
  • Regularly invited to workshops, conferences, and other institute events

Investment in the Future

In this intensive learning experience, you must be ready to challenge yourself and seek out new ideas. Between sessions, you will be expected to actively reflect on and apply what you have learned. As a graduate of the Nonprofit Executive Program, and by leveraging the best practices learned, you will be prepared to navigate your organization through the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Relationships for Life 

You and your peers will learn and work together, creating a powerful network that can last a lifetime. Nonprofit Executive Program graduates will be managed as alumni, afforded the opportunity to form a managed roundtable, and regularly invited to workshops, conferences, and other institute events.

“The program was great, it gave me a pathway to continue the growth of our company. I enjoyed the networking and real-world business concepts included in the program."
Linda Hunkiar
Bannerman Landscape, LLC.

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