John Thomas "JT" Burnette

Inkbridge, LLC


John Thomas “JT” Burnette grew up in Monticello, Fla., and got his start raising chickens for profit at the age of 15. A true entrepreneur at heart, he began Burnette Construction at 17 and worked in the roofing business for more than a decade. From roofing, he branched out into federal contracting. Construction companies he is involved with continue to work on military bases around the country. Currently, Burnette focuses his efforts as a principal of Inkbridge, LLC, which specializes in investments and what he calls “financial engineering” and hospitality.

Burnette is also an owner in the Doubletree Hotel, Brandt Information Systems and Stadium Runner, and he sits on the board of Kind Intelligence. A strong supporter of economic development in Tallahassee, he spends time mentoring entrepreneurs and participating in various start-up events and competitions. His goal is to help transform Tallahassee into a community that supports entrepreneurs and provides a place in which young businessmen and women are fostered. In his spare time, Burnette enjoys spending time with his daughter Sophie and flying.

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