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CEO Peer2Peer Groups


The Jim Moran Institute facilitates very structured and strategic groups for local business owners. Exclusive to presidents and owners of established businesses, the CEO Peer2Peer Groups provide an avenue for sharing insights about challenging situations, topical issues and solutions to problems with peers. The very structured and strategic groups consist of like-type, non-competing businesses. New groups are formed year round.

Please select which location you are interested in:

Broward County     Jacksonville     Palm Beach County     Tallahassee


Who Is Right for the Program?

Applicants should be: Their businesses will be:
  • CEO's
  • Presidents
  • Business Owners
  • Similar companies
  • In non-competing industries 

How you will Benefit

Expect to: Expect to:
  • Make better decisions
  • Improve communication skills
  • Gain a safe outlet for confidential issues
  • Learn from other group members' experiences
  • Learn to listen better and organize ideas more persuasively
  • Share difficult issues affecting your business, and hear from peers who have gone through similar experiences

How does it work?

Each CEO Peer2Peer Group consists of 8-12 CEOs who are presidents and business owners of similar companies in non-competing industries. Meetings are held monthly at a member's business, private club or restaurant. Each group is self-led, prioritizing the issues to be discussed and developing its own agenda. A typical meeting could include issues such as managing growth, finding and retaining top talent, enhancing compensation groups, dealing with healthcare costs or developing retirement plans.

“This program provides a quality-over-quantity approach by really getting to the important information critical for business owners."
— Brent Moody
Beverage Law Institute

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